At Censere Consulting, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to helping clients bring about positive and sustainable changes to their neighborhoods and organizations. Transformation involves more than just brick and mortar. It starts with addressing the core elements of an organization or community, including its vision, mission, values, goals, and objectives. Focusing on these core components enables us to work with clients to develop an action plan that produces results that are not only effective in the short-term but also sustainable enough to create a lasting impact. 
Along with producing 1,500 LIHTC-assisted units and establishing the New York State Housing Trust Fund Program, Censere’s CEO has planned, developed, or leveraged financing for almost 6,500 housing units costing almost $1 billion, created numerous job training, EEO compliance and homeownership opportunity programs, and produced long-term strategic plans for a myriad of organizations.
We have planned, developed, or leveraged financing for almost 6,500 residential housing units and appurtenant retail and commercial space costing nearly $1 billion.  We have created homeownership options for thousands of very-low income families. We have planned and implemented some of the most successful mixed-finance projects in the nation, and successfully restructured several underperforming governmental and non-profit organizations.  
We work closely with our clients to engender trust and meet their deadlines.  We believe that building a strong consultant-client relationship is crucial to the success of any endeavor.

Censere  (Latin verb): to assess, to think, or to recommend.  

We offer a full range of services needed to bring the most complicated or complex project to fruition in a sound, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Jimmy Miller, the founder, and CEO of Censere is recognized as one of the most transformational individuals in the areas of strategic planning, organizational management, leveraged financing, and housing and neighborhood development in the nation. He established the New York State Low-Income Housing Program and served as the first CEO of the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation.
While serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing for the State of New York, he was responsible for coordinating the efforts of the 14 state agencies responsible for housing, community, and economic development.  In addition, he served as Deputy General Manager for the largest public housing authority in the nation, the New York City Housing Authority; Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City of New Haven; CEO of The Glendower Group, Inc; and Regional Director of The Community Builders. 
He has extensive experience with the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program having written the State of New York’s first Qualified Allocation Plan as well as being responsible for producing 1,500 LIHTC-assisted units. In addition to his vast LIHTC experience, Mr. Miller has had considerable success transforming several large public and private organizations from low-performing to high-performing. His organizational management capabilities are a direct result of simultaneously managing three large public housing agencies.
Mr. Miller, is a dynamic planner and development consultant who has been at the forefront of the creation and implementation of some of the most innovative and successful housing and neighborhood development programs in the nation.

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